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What is Intuitive Art?

Intuitive Art is a free form of creative expression and a journey of self discovery that can forever grow and evolve with you.

Play is so important and experimenting is key!

Through meditation you can let yourself be guided by your spiritual and universal connection. Learn to listen to your inner child and let the process of creating be your voice.

Learn to cultivate your sense of wonderment. Love looking. Seek out colours, texture, pattern and form. Find the joy in the unusual and the obscure. Its time to appreciate the beauty in the little things and enjoy imagining!

My journey as an Intuitive Artist

As an artist my creativity is an integral part of my existence and makes me who I am. Like many of us I have had challenges to overcome in life and suffered the kind of losses that lead you to reassess life but through this I have learnt to understand and value my own worth as a visual and creative being. Connecting through meditation both spiritually and mentally to my own intuition has helped me to express myself more authentically as an Artist.

Although my passion is Intuitive and Abstract Art, I have also spent many years producing and teaching portraiture and life drawing. I have always loved faces! Actually human nature fascinates me and every now and again it gives me great pleasure to be able to break out into a portrait.

My Artistic inspiration comes from my experiences, the world around me and how I internalise, process and then express the inner landscape visually. Complex compositions are to me like symphonies of colour, tone, texture, mark making and movement. I love being able to communicate through an abstract lens and share my own personal colourful perspective on the world.

Sub Image of Intuitive Artists's Artwork