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Steph Cormack - Fine Artist

My name is Steph, I am a fine artist, creative thinker and maker. My main passion and focus is intuitive and abstract painting but I also produced portraiture on commision for many years. I still love to keep my eye in and whip up a portrait when I feel the urge! I have been teaching my own classes and workshops for 20 years. I have always loved to create abstract art but in the past I have felt something was missing. I am a sensitive soul and an empath. I know I see the world in my own unique way and have always considered myself someone who has a deep spiritual connection. Learning how to express that visually and authentically has been a journey! I have learnt that painting for me is completely connected to my inner well-being. If I am not being true to myself and what my soul needs then I struggle to produce meaningful work. The joy of centring my process around meditation and the development of my intuition has allowed me to build a bridge straight from my heart to the canvas.


I have been living and breathing Art for as long as I can remember! I took my Fine Art Degree in the 90s and have been teaching privately for 20 years.

I grew up in the beautiful countryside of Gloucestershire but had always felt drawn to live near the coast…. so we upped sticks and moved to Jersey in the beautiful Channel Islands! Here I trained to teach in Higher education, teaching privately, for local Artist Societies, Highlands College, Jersey Mencap and The Harbour Art Gallery, where I was fortunate enough to have a studio. In this time I also had Artist residencies at this time in; The lavender farm and at the National Trust; Le Moulin de Quétivel.

After 11yrs I moved back to Gloucestershire where I continued to teach my own regular classes and workshops locally and worked consistently in the 3rd sector using Art as a tool for health and wellbeing.

Now living in the glorious Valleys of South Wales I am surrounded by beautiful Mountains! What a joy to have such inspiration. I continue to run various workshops and regular classes both online and in Person throughout Gloucestershire and South Wales.

Supporting people’s health and well-being though creativity is incredibly important to me, as is nurturing Artistic and personal development. Art is a powerful tool that can create meaningful connections and communities. I am excited for the future and supporting many more people on their personal Artistic journey.

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